Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bracket Prediction Update 2/27/07

These are somewhat meaningless with a couple of important weeks of good games to go, including the all-important conference tournaments, but let's take a look at the latest predictions of ACC teams making the field of 64.

ESPN's Bracketology

UNC #1 in Winston against Delaware St. then Nova/Stanford winner.
Duke #5 in Spokane against West Virginia then Nevada/Penn.
UVA #4 in Buffalo against Holy Cross then USC
VaTech #4 in Buffalo against Vermont then Syracuse
BC #6 in Columbus against Xavier then Pitt.
Maryland #6 in Lexington against ODU then Memphis

As expected, GaTech, FSU, and Clemson NIT bound.


UNC #2 in Winston against Sam Houston then Texas/Notre Dame
Maryland #4 in Buffalo against Holy Cross then Kentucky
VaTech #6 in Winston against Illinois then Georgetown
BC #8 in Lexington against ODU then Ohio State
UVA #6 in Buffalo against Missouri St. then Memphis
GaTech #9 in New Orleans against Oregon then Florida
Duke #3 in Columbus against Penn, then Mich. St.

The suprise being GaTech in, and Duke a #3, which might not be that unrealistic, especially with a win in Chapel Hill Sunday.

Want some more fun and get a head start thinking about filling in your brackets, check out Bracketville, which has full history of the brackets and game results for every year since 1985 when the tournament went to 64 teams.