Thursday, February 22, 2007

Lowe night for the Pack

They may not have exactly executed the gameplan in the first half, but N. C. State gave Carolina all they could handle for 20 minutes. And apparently their coach gave all he had to give in those 20 minutes as well. Anyone in the triangle knows someone with the flu. It is everywhere and it sucks. What we didn't know was that Sidney Lowe had it, and it got the best of him.

Before the start of the first half, Lowe was taken out on a stretcher and to the hospital via ambulance, suffering from flu and dehydration. We don't yet know what went on behind the scenes, what the players saw or were told, and who knows what impact it might have had on the second half. My assumption is that Sidney is going to be fine, but hasn't had a good 24 hours. Our thoughts are with him.

Couldn't help last night remembering Bob Wade, disgraced former Maryland coach. In 1989, at the Omni in Atlanta, Maryland pulled a big upset in the ACC Tournament. I can't remember who they beat at the moment, maybe State or Carolina. Shortly after the game Wade was rushed to the hospital with chest pains. Can't seem to find a picture of Wade or the full story anywhere, but that was a long time ago...


Anonymous said...

That would be us who got waxed in the opening round to UMd. We were the top seed, they were #8.

Fire & Ice were a combined 8-25 from the field that afternoon.

Maryland 32 39 = 71
N.C. State 21 28 = 49
Officials= L.Wirtz, J.Rife, S.Rotea

Ken White said...

Yep, should be burned in my brain. Went to the gym today with my friend Brad and he reminded me it was State they whooped.

Was that the same year of the famous travel call against Georgetown in the ncaa?

Anonymous said...

It was -- Thank you Rick Hartzel