Monday, February 12, 2007

Poor Duke

As a state fan who has watched my team lose again and again to Duke over the last 10 years in games that were too physical called by refs who were too intimidated, I should be able to enjoy this losing streak. I really should rejoice in what may soon be a 5 game skid. You'd think that after what wolfpack fans have been through over the last 20 years, we would party much like we did during the Matt's tenure at Carolina. Somehow I just can't seem to be happy about this. Maybe because I like the guys on this team. Maybe because I'm stupid enough to keep betting on them, because I know they are more talented than the teams they are losing to. Probably because I'm as big an ACC Fan as I am a State fan, and the ACC is better when Duke is fighting for a #1 seed, and it means something special to the rare team that pulls an upset against them.

One funny thing I heard. A friend of mine mentioned last week he had heard people had been sending Doan's Pills to Coach K, noting that the last time Duke was losing like this, K decided to take a break from coaching because of a back issue. Kind of insensitive I know, but funny is funny.

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