Friday, February 9, 2007

Spud Webb memories

PTI did a Happy for the anniversary of Spud Webb winning the dunk contest and showed some highlights. I had to pause it and tell the kids to come in and watch. Told the kids I went to school with this little black guy that "came up to here" on me, but he could jump so high he could dunk. Then I showed them the dunks. They loved it.


Steve M. said...

That is just amazing... I can't imagine getting my 6' body anywhere near the rim... even at that age. So did he go to ECU?

Ken White said...

NC State
If I'm remembering right, his first year was 84. The story goes that Valvano had never seen him, he was recruited by one of the assistant coaches. V and the assistant went to meet him at the airport when he came in. Valvano saw this short black kid getting off the plane and says to the assistant "If that is him, you are fired" ;)