Sunday, February 25, 2007

Where do the Heels go next?

Some stories just don't need much comment. Guess we know how the tarheels will sooth their hurt feelings after blowing a game in College Park and putting their #1 seed in jeopardy.

Marcus Ginyard, left, and walk-on Dewey Burke kick back for a lazy Sunday afternoon pedicure from Lennie Ly, lower left, and Nancy Vu.

DURHAM - To Marcus Ginyard, playing good defense isn't just about good footwork. It's about good feet. That's why, at least once a month, you can find him and a Tar Heels teammate or two reclining in tan leather massage chairs at Avalon Lifestyle Salon, magazines in hand, having the rigors of basketball cut, sanded and buffed from their oversized tootsies.

"Corns, dead skin, callouses, ingrown toenails -- our feet just get gross. So, a little maintenance is in order,'' said Ginyard, sliding his size 14s into a bubbling bath of water on a recent Sunday.

Pedicures -- a cosmetic comfort during which feet are massaged, cuticles are softened, heels are pumiced and toenails are clipped -- used to be a grooming luxury reserved for women. But the half-hour-or-so ritual appears to be growing among the male population -- including UNC's fifth-ranked basketball team.

Sans polish, of course.

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Brad Wolborsky said...

This team has absolutely no leadership. Tonight was a perfect example. Might need more than a pedicure to help this team. This team could go into the ACC Tournament on a 3 game losing streak. Hopefully that does not happen. Georgia Tech still has something to play for, and as we all know Duke is huge.
Would love to see the conference get at least six teams in tournament

Anonymous said...

How about a little bit of free throw practice... 8-17 from the line while UMd went 20-26. It's got to be maddening to be a Tarheel fan right now. If the Heels go into the NCAA Tourney as a 2 or 3 seed, they may not make it to the regionals.

Great win for the Terps... should end any question about them being in the Tourney. Right now we'll get at least 6 teams to the dance.

It doesn't look good for the Tech, FSU & Clemson. I think FSU can go ahead and start planning on hosting a 1st round NIT game. If Clemson does not beat Miami, they're done as well. If Tech can beat the Heels or BC, they've got a good shot, but I think they'll still need to win a 1st round game at the tourney and pray there is not a rash of upsets in the mid-major tournaments. Of course any one of these teams gets in if they win the ACC Tournament. Not that winning 4 games in 4 days is ever easy, but this year the top 4 teams have shown they can lose to anyone.

Anonymous said...

...Almost forgot... It's a good thing for the Heels (no pun intended) that this story wasn't published before the game at Cameron... Could you imagine pumice stomes being thrown on the court during player introductions?

Ken White said...

6 teams are a lock now. I think Clemson needs 3 or 4 wins from somewhere.

Brad, I thought Terry was trying to step up, but just didn't work out. Free throws killed.

Brad Wolborsky said...

Terry shows a few glimpses of leadership. But he constantly dissapears. Free Throws are huge, it seems like nobody cares about them. Yes it is very maddening to be a Tarheel fan. They usually have great leadership and shoot a decent percentage from the line at this time of the year. Some one(Terry) needs to put this team on their shoulders. Freshman cannot be counted on for leadership.

jhony said...

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