Saturday, March 24, 2007

26 Pt. Comeback

OK, not exactly, but I was struck by the fact that they went from 16 down to 10 up in a flash, as the Tarheels advance to the final 8. For 30 minutes USC was fantastic and it really looked like Carolina had run into a faster team and that would be their undoing. But, and offensive rebounds started turning into points, USC started bricking the tough shots they were nailing in the 1st half, and USC seemed to just run out of gas.

I think most people who watched this game would credit Roy's use of his deep bench for this win. I assume all those saying Roy was playing too many people all year will admit they were wrong today? Guess I won't hold my breath.


Anonymous said...

That 18-0 run was something. No one can keep up with Ty Lawson when he is running the break. For a while it looked like Carolina had 8 men on the court (not including the ref's)

Sunday will be another tough test, but I think Carolina's depth can wear Georgetown down.

Ken White said...

The one thing on depth is, USC kept playing fast and wore out. How much will the potential deliberate play of GTown's princeton style possibly protect them from wearing out.