Tuesday, March 13, 2007

5 games in 6 days, Pack Survives again

(Image courtesy of GoPack.com)
There is no other scenario in college basketball that could have N. C. State playing 5 games in 6 days other than the path they have taken. It wasn't easy and I'm sure is taking a toll on their body and emotions, but somehow the WolfPack was able to weather an early Drexel run and survive a tight one, winning 63-56 and advancing to the second round of the NIT.

They will play Friday Night at 9:30, against Marist or Oklahoma State. I'm sure there is building demand around the country to follow this team. Sidney has had more face time nationally in the last week than Herb had in 10 years. The game is once again slated to be on espnU. As noted previously, ESPNU isn't available to time-warner cable customers. ESPN is owned by Disney, and there has been a history of licensing issues between the two companies going back a few years ago when Time Warner pulled rebroadcast of local ABC Affiliates in areas where the ABC affiliates are owned directly by Disney. I somehow suspect this might be part of the reason that N. C. State has had a higher than statistically normal number of games on ESPNU this year. If the situation doesn't change by next season, we may have to mobilize some kind of effort to get to the bottom of things and shake them loose a little.

Here are way too many pictures (need some editing) from the game courtesy of Drexel Fan.

Drexel Men in the NIT vs NC State