Tuesday, March 13, 2007

ACC Tournament Reporting

Here are some of the best things I've read from the ACC Tournament.

North Carolina got its toughest test in this tournament — by far — from a gutty N.C. State team that had already pulled off three upsets in three games. The Tar Heels got their title and should justly be celebrated for that. But it’s hard not to feel that the real glory this weekend belonged to a Wolfpack team that lived the famous words of Jimmy Valvano — “Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up.” I got chills watching the crippled Engin Atsur and his weary teammates fight their way back from 16 down with just under 14 minutes left to play to pull within one point of the Tar Heels. ...

The Greensboro News and Record led the charge of ACC traditionalists who spent last week obsessing and complaining about how the ACC tournament ventured outside of traditional ACC country by coming to Tampa Bay. That's understandable considering Greensboro, N.C., can't hang its hat on much else besides hosting the ACC basketball tournament. Yes, the tournament means more to the good folks of Greensboro, which is why the ACC consistently plays its tournament there. Tampa Bay isn't a threat to steal the event permanently. Who knows if it will ever come back again? So why not enjoy a little sunshine, some grouper sandwiches and your basketball, too, for one weekend? More...

Three things I hated over the weekend

1. That North Carolina's Ty Lawson dunked with one second left in the ACC final then screamed at the crowd instead of doing the classy thing, which would've been simply running out the clock and handing the ball to an official.

Three things I loved over the weekend

1. The bright red sports coat of N.C. State coach Sidney Lowe. More...

And from Dave Glenn

The most dramatic on-court moment of the first half came when Wolfpack point guard Engin Atsur got into an unpleasant shouting match with teammate Courtney Fells. It occurred during a stoppage of play, when Atsur and Fells were the only two players back on State's side of midcourt. They were discussing a recent play on which UNC wing guard Wes Miller, a noted shooter, was left unattended in the corner for a wide-open 3-point attempt, which Miller converted.

Atsur walked over to Fells and told him he wasn't where he was supposed to be on the play. When Fells said something in return that Atsur didn't like, Atsur became animated and started yelling and gesturing at his teammate.

"Stop making excuses!" Atsur yelled at Fells. "Do something! Stop making excuses, or you're going to have to sit down!" ...


Anonymous said...

Thank you Ty Lawson for reminding me why State fans are supposed to have a strong dislike for Carolina... (My preacher doesn't like for me to use the word hate)

Ken White said...

I was lucky enough to miss it. I actually walked through the portal about 5 seconds before it and just heard the roar. I might feel different about it if I had seen it, but he's such a little guy, that
1) I wish I had seen it
2) It doesn't really bother me that much.