Wednesday, March 14, 2007

ACC TV Times for the week

Lot's of games, so little time. Here is what we can look forward to the next few days. Sure wish CBS had done a better job spreading out the ACC games.

ETSU at Clemson 6pm ESPNu

12:20 Maryland vs. Davidson CBS
12:20 Boston College vs. Texas Tech CBS

7:00 Michigan at FSU ESPNU
7:10 Duke vs VCU CBS
9:40 UNC vs Eastern Kentucky

12:15 Virgina vs. Albany CBS
12:15 GaTech vs. UNLV CBS
7:10 VaTech vs. Illinois CBS
9:30 NC State vs Marist ESPNu

For those with Time Warner Cable and HiDef, all of the CBS games will be available in HD. Also, start times are estimates. CBS does try to stagger the first games a little, but then gets unpredictable for 2nd games of each session.

The delimna for Triangle based fans is whether you trust that VaTech can win without you watching the end of the game, and you head to to Reynolds for NC State NIT game.