Sunday, March 4, 2007

Added Meaning to Play-in Game

We all remember the Les Robinson Invitational… the 8 vs 9 play-in game when the ACC had 9 teams. This year’s 8 vs 9 game brings added meaning to the term play-in game. Clemson and FSU are NCAA bubble teams who will meet in the ACC opening round on Thursday. Let’s face it at least one of these teams is going to the NIT. While the winner is not guaranteed at trip to the big dance, the loser had better be prepared to host an opening round NIT game.


Ken White said...

Given that State is pretty much done short of a miracle run, I went into the weekend with just one hope, that the bubble teams win. GaTech, FSU, and Clemson did. I honestly think Tech may be in given the performance over the last 10, so I think you are right, it comes down to FSU and Clemson to see if we can get in 8 teams. Kind of sad that they end up playing each other, but at least we know one of them gets another win.

Thornton is great, and I hate to see him go, but I've got to pull for Clemson. I honestly think they have what it takes for a run at least to the sweet 16, if they can just sneak in.