Monday, March 5, 2007

All ACC Teams announced

Recognizing how important the post season is to how players and teams will be viewed by history, ACC Fan Blog won't announce our picks for All Conference until we've seen the most important part of the season, but that doesn't stop tradition I guess. The Atlantic Coast Sports Media Association (ACC Sportswriters) have announced their all conference picks.

1st team is no surprise, although I still wish there was a way the J.R. Reynolds could be first team. Just need 6 slots I guess. It is a complete mystery as to how D.J. Strawberry makes 2nd team. And honestly, Kyle Visser and Jack McClinton on 3rd, with no Ben McCauley? No James Mays? No Demarcus Nelson? Is that just some kind of political correctness to make sure each team is represented?

All-ACC Team

First team
*Jared Dudley, Boston College (106), 318
*Tyler Hansbrough, North Carolina (106), 318
*Al Thornton, Florida State (106), 318
Sean Singletary, Virginia (100), 312
Zabian Dowdell, Virginia Tech (90), 302

Second team
J.R. Reynolds, Virginia (20), 232
D.J. Strawberry, Maryland (2), 180
Tyrese Rice, Boston College, 177
Josh McRoberts, Duke, 159
Brandan Wright, North Carolina, 150

Third team
Kyle Visser, Wake Forest, 120
Javaris Crittenton, Georgia Tech, 104
Brandon Costner, N.C. State, 94
Jamon Gordon, Virginia Tech, 61
Jack McClinton, Miami, 48

All-Freshman Team

*Javaris Crittenton, Georgia Tech, 106
*Brandan Wright, North Carolina, 106
Brandon Costner, N.C. State, 95
Ty Lawson, North Carolina, 64
Jon Scheyer, Duke, 54

All-Defensive Team
Jamon Gordon, Virginia Tech, 96
Ekene Ibekwe, Maryland, 65
Zabian Dowdell, Virginia Tech, 59
D.J. Strawberry, Maryland, 55
Josh McRoberts, Duke, 46