Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bracket Predictions on ACC Sunday

Last post before the ACC Championship game. I guess I'll hear the brackets during the long drive from Tampa to NC tonight. NC State will obviously either be in or out based on the result today. Also, any chance of UNC getting a #1 seed I think was lost when State made the finals. Nothing impressive about beating FSU, BC, and State.

Unfortunately it looks like there are just too many bubbles and not enough slots for the ACC. While in theory I think the league was good enough to get 8 teams in, in reality when you start trying to slot the teams around the country, it gets really hard. We have 6 locks, UNC, Duke, BC, VaTech, UVA, and Md. FSU has no shot at this point. It is a real shame, because Al Thornton is too good a player to not be in, but it won't happen. The bad thing is, with GaTech's loss to Wake, and more importantly, the shrinking number of slots for bubbles to fill, I'm afraid Tech may miss out this time. I'm thinking about 30% chance Tech is in right now. The only saving grace may be performance in the last 10, and the hope that this will push them in over some smaller schools like ODU, ASU, and Drexel.