Sunday, March 25, 2007

Damn! Heels Lose

They had this game won. All you can really point to is shot selection as how they lost it. Danny Green had 2 terrible 3's that should have never been shot, and that seemed to trigger an abandonment of the inside game completely. 2 of 21 from the field to end the game.

Roy was very emotional in the press conference. He really loves this team. Tyler had clearly been crying and was having trouble keeping his composure through the entire process. I think for a lot of fans it is hard to imagin and understand why people could be so emotional over a loss, but if you think about the hours and work they've put into it, it kind of makes sense. I honestly doubt I've ever worked as hard at anything as the average college basketball player does during the year, and for a team to be so close to getting serious dreams coming true, it has to be hard.

You can watch the press conference at
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Anonymous said...

Had they won, I would have had the entire final four in my bracket for the first time ever.

Figures... every time I pull for them they screw up.