Thursday, March 29, 2007

It Was 25 Years Ago Today...

Carolina 63, Georgetown 62

Man... I'm getting old.

Michael Wilbon had a nice story on the game that points out how many superstars were on both teams.

The Tar Heels, remember, featured Worthy, who would be the No. 1 overall
pick in the 1982 draft, Jordan (No. 3 in 1984), Sam Perkins (No. 4 in 1984) and
point guard Jimmy Black. Georgetown featured Patrick Ewing (No. 1 overall pick
in 1985), Eric "Sleepy" Floyd (No. 13 in 1982) and Bill Martin. Both head
coaches, Smith and Thompson, have coached the U.S. Olympic team and are in the
Basketball Hall of Fame. Worthy, Jordan and Ewing were voted among the 50
greatest NBA players ever. more...

These teams would kill any of this year's Final Four teams.

Copies of the Jordan poster are available at