Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Kay Yow's Father Passes Away...

Wolfpack accepts NCAA bid hours after Hilton Yow's death.

Some days more than others, Kay Yow
finds speaking to be a straining chore. But no matter how much her voice
quivers under the pressure of chemotherapy treatments, the N.C. State
women’s basketball coach always has a word of inspiration on her

She lives, as she’ll tell you, by a few basic principles, not the least of
which is, “You can’t change the direction of the wind, but you can adjust your

With that and about 25 players and staff members in red warm-up suits
as her backdrop, she plopped on a couch in the players’ lounge of Reynolds
Coliseum Monday night and smiled, despite the death of her father
earlier in the day and her ongoing battle with cancer. From the seat,
she and the Wolfpack accepted the fourth seed in the Fresno Regional.
Wow... It is amazing the attitude that coach Yow as been able to maintain through everything she has gone through this year. Some lessons are taught just in how we conduct ourselves through the tough times. Kay's players have learned quite a bit about grace under adversity
this year. I watched the feature that ESPN did during the Women's NCAA Selection
Show and do not remember them mentioning this.

When I went to a lot of the Women's games in the 90's, Mr. Yow was often in attendance. He was Kay's biggest cheerleader. My thoughts and prayers are with the Yow family.