Thursday, March 8, 2007

Let the Madness Begin...

Normally March Madness is a term reserved for the the Big Dance, but the way the ACC Season played out, I've got a feeling that this year's ACC Tournament will have plenty of madness.

A few notes before the madness begins.

  • This year's top 4 teams have proven an unparalleled ability to lose to anyone at any time.
  • As Ken mentioned yesterday, Virginia is 0-3 in games played in warm weather. Hope for their sake they remembered to pack the suntan lotion.
  • Carolina has played in every Championship Game played in years ending in 7. They won in '57, '67, '77, & '97.
  • The last 3 Championship Games played in years ending in 7 included teams that weren't supposed to by there. Seventh seeded Virginia lost to top seed Carolina in 1977. Sixth seeded NC State beat top seed Carolina in 1987. Eighth seeded NC State lost to third seed Carolina in 1997.
  • The 1997 Wolfpack remains the only team to survive a Thursday game and play in the Championship.
  • Duke will be playing without Gerald Henderson when they meet NC State this evening. State has not beaten Duke in the tournament since 1997 when they took out top seed Duke in the quarter-finals.
  • Maryland and Ga Tech are the hottest teams... unfortunately for them they have to win four games in four days to win the Championship Game.
  • Clemson and FSU will be playing for their NCAA lives when they meet in the 8-9 game today.

As for my picks... Well lets just say I'll predict the Tournament Champion the same way I predict the Weather... I'll let you know who the winner will be sometime late Sunday afternoon.


Unknown said...

Great stuff digging out the 7's.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope 7 turns out lucky for the Pack again...