Thursday, March 22, 2007

McRobert's Gone. Who is Next?

I'm shocked, but then again, I'm not sure Duke had a lot of fun this year.

News 14 Carolina
Duke's McRoberts goes for NBA draft
Indianapolis Star, IN - 1 hour ago
McRoberts, a 6-10 forward who just completed his sophomore season at Duke, is widely projected as a first-round selection due to his versatile skills. ...
Duke's McRoberts declares for NBA draft USA Today
Report: McRoberts to NBA (subscription)
Report: Duke's Josh McRoberts Heading to NBA AOL SPORTS
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Anonymous said...

What are they looking at?

Anonymous said...

Wow! I thought for sure he would stay another year. In my opinion, his stock really took a hit this year. Would have been a lottery pick last year. This year, who knows...

Does this indicate bigger problems at Duke? Let's face it, big men haven't exactly been signing up to stay in that program lately.

Ken White said...

I don't think they really need big men. He's got 3 all-americans coming in. But they could sure use a point guard.