Thursday, March 8, 2007

Over and the NIT

The backcourt violation with 8.3 seconds left ended any chance Clemson had at the NCAA's. I feel really bad for this team. I really thought they had a run in them. This season reminds me a lot of UVA back several years ago, when they they vaulted to #1 based on a great early run, only to miss the tourney.

This was the first time I've seen Thornton really up close. He can't help but remind me very much of Len Bias with his build and ability to put a team on his shoulders.

I set behind the Maryland bench for this game. Gary is just insane. If you thought Coach K had a mouth on him, you should hear Gary up close. Only thing is, Gary usually reserves his cussing and screaming for his players, often the ones that never see action. Keith Booth gets an earful too. I just had to laugh after another turnover in a terrible first half, he just whips around, stomps his foot, and yells "We Suck". For 30 minutes today they did. Miami was just good enough in the last 10 to hang on.


Anonymous said...

Great headline...
I could not believe how bad maryland was for the 1st 30 minutes. Almost like they forgot to show up. Did you have you get a good look at the foul at the end on the Clemson game?

Ken White said...

The foul was on the other end of the court. I thought it was a foul, but haven't seen a replay.

You wouldn't have known to look for me, but you saw me on TV tonight. I was right behind the State bench, 1st row behind the press row. Brent saw me.