Saturday, March 10, 2007

Red Jacket Undefeated?

(Photo courtesy of N&O)
Today would have been Jim Valvano's 61st birthday. Happy Birthday Coach.

If I'm not mistaken, Sidney's red jacket is undefeated. The loss at Chapel Hill can't really count, since the jacket didn't finish the game, right?

That game felt like it would never end today. I'm so proud of the kids, especially Horner and how about the clutch play of Nieman the last 2 days. Gavin, I take back every time I screamed over those turnovers, just keep shooting those free throws.

Not sure how ready we are going to be physically for yet another one, but this streak goes beyond logic anyway. Engin appeared to have multiple problems based on the stretching, taping, and extra trip to the locker room. Courtney possibly has a deep thigh bruise and was icing/heating it.

I sure wish it was BC we were playing but then again, this is how legends are made...


Anonymous said...

The whole 2nd half, I kept waiting for the Hokies to make a big run and put us away. About the 6-minute mark I was asking myself "How are we still in the lead?"

When Fells hit the big 3 to put us up 9 I sort of relaxed... big mistake! I'm glad Washington foulded out when he did. It looked like he was going to win it for the Hokies by himself.

Unknown said...

Having Washington on the bench with foul trouble so much of the time was a big key.