Wednesday, March 28, 2007

South Carolina Basketball Fans More Patient than Most?

Couldn't resist posting Dave Odom's coaching resume' after we mentioned South Carolina missing the chance to 3-peat in the NIT. I guess 20 wins is 20 wins, no matter how many losses you have to go along with them. Odom's profile on South Carolina's Athletic Site states that,

Odom, who also began his fourth decade as a collegiate coach and his third decade as a head coach, finished the season at 23-15, posting his fourth 20 win season in five years at the helm. He joins the legendary Frank McGuire as the only (South) Carolina coaches to post four 20 win seasons during their careers. McGuire did it six times in 16 years, while Odom has done it four times in five years.

Like I said Gamecock fans must be more patient than most when it comes to hoops. Odom's coaching record since Tim Duncan's departure from Wake Forest is 187-140. Needless to say, USC will not be getting a call from Kentucky asking for permission to discuss their coaching job with Odom.

My favorite Dave Odom moment came during Tom Gugliotta's last game in Reynolds. Goog's was injured in the 2nd half and the pack was down by 10 to the Deacs at the 8-minute media timeout. I looked down at the Wake Forest bench and sure enough, Dave Odom was coaching his players. I exclaimed, "Look, Odom's coaching! We've got a chance!" Sure enough the Pack came back to win 77-74.

College Coaching Experience

Wake Forest (3 years): assistant coach, 1976-79
East Carolina (3 years): head coach, 1979-82
Virginia (7 years): assistant coach, 1982-89
Wake Forest (12 years): head coach, 1989-2001
South Carolina (5 years): head coach, 2001-present

Coaching Honors
SEC Coach of the Year: 2004
ACC Coach of the Year: 1991, 1994, 1995
District Coach of the Year: 1991, 1993, 1994
National Coach of the Year: 1995

Dave Odom Coaching Resume

Year Record Post-Season
1976-77 22-8 NCAA Elite Eight
1977-78 19-10 None
1978-79 12-15 None
3 Years 53-33 1 NCAA

Year Record Post-Season
1979-80 16-11 None
1980-81 12-14 None
1981-82 10-17 None
3 Years 38-42 None

Year Record Post-Season
1982-83 29-5 NCAA Sweet 16
1983-84 21-12 NCAA Final Four
1984-85 17-16 NIT Quarterfinals
1985-86 19-11 NCAA
1986-87 21-10 NCAA
1987-88 13-18 None
1988-89 22-11 NCAA Elite Eight
7 Years 142-83 5 NCAA, 1 NIT

Year Record Post-Season
1989-90 12-16 None
1990-91 19-11 NCAA
1991-92 17-12 NCAA
1992-93 21-9 NCAA Sweet 16
1993-94 21-12 NCAA
1994-95 26-6 NCAA Sweet 16
1995-96 26-6 NCAA Elite Eight
1996-97 24-7 NCAA
1997-98 16-15 NIT
1998-99 17-14 NIT
1999-00 22-14 NIT Champions
2000-01 19-11 NCAA
12 Years 240-132 8 NCAA, 3 NIT (1 NIT Title)

2001-02 22-15 NIT Championship Game
2002-03 12-16 None
2003-04 23-11 NCAA
2004-05 20-13 NIT Champions
2005-06 23-15 NIT Champions, SEC title game

2000-07 13-16 None
5 Years 113-86 1 NCAA, 2 NIT (1 NIT Title)

21 Years 391-260 9 NCAA, 6 NIT (3 NIT Titles)

OVERALL COLLEGE RECORD (As an assistant and head coach)
30 Years 573-360 15 NCAA, 7 NIT (3 NIT Titles)


Ken White said...

Here's my favorite Odom moment and how I could have won a college basketball game.

I can't remember the year now, but back when the ACC-Big East Challenge was still going, I had tickets to see Duke and maybe Carolina play two big east teams in Gboro. During this period, they picked a few locations around the leagues and played double-headers. The day before the challenge starts I get a call from work, and am told I have to be in Boston the next day for work. I was pissed because I was going to miss the games in Greensboro.

So I get the details and figure out that the trip up isn't really going to be that much work, it is just more political in that they want me to make a few appearances to show support for something. So, I start working on the schedule. I figure out that if I fly in to Providence instead of Boston, rent a car, and drive about 15 miles over the speed limit, I can make it to Hartford in time to see State and Wake play 2 big east teams. So I go for it. Can't even remember who they each played, and somehow even in the day before mapquest, I found the building, parked, and actually went to the ticket office instead of scalpers to see what tickets they had. They had some random tickets left so I just asked for the best single they had. Turned out to be literally behind the bench used by Wake and State. Don't remember much about the State game, but it seems we won.

The Wake game was really close. I think this was during the Rodney Rodgers era. Anyway, I'm loving it because I'm almost in the huddle it seems like during timeouts. So the game is coming down the stretch, lots of time-outs, seems like maybe a 1 point game. This was the first year they had gone from 5 timeouts per game, to something different for TV games. Don't remember if it was just 4 timeouts for TV games or what exactly, but it was left than 5. Wake called their last timeout to setup some kind of last minute play. As they break the timeout, Ricky Stokes, Odom assistant, clipboard in hand, looks right at me as he comes back to his seat and the players head to the floor. And for that moment, I have the urge just to yell "Ricky, no timeouts left". He's literally 6 feet from me and I want to say it, but I'm thinking that there is no way college basketball coaches who get paid to do this, aren't going to remember the rule change. (This was before a young Herb Sendek and Sean Miller teach me that young coaches can do all kinds of stupid things).

I wanted to say it, and didn't. And what happens? With very little time left, Wake gets in trouble and calls timeout. They had no timeouts and got a Technical Foul, and lose the game.

If I had just said it.


Same trip, I also made the drive from Boston to Meadowlands 2 days later to see Carolina and Maryland play their game. The basketball wasn't memorable, but what I do remember was coming out of the game, getting on the interstate, then driving an hour the wrong direction before realizing it and turning around. Then driving 5 hours in bad snow.