Saturday, March 10, 2007

Speaking of Zebras..

Here is a list of the officials who have worked in the tournament and the games they worked.

Les Jones - CU-FS, NC-FS
Mike Wood - CU-FS, NC-FS
Sean Hull - CU-FS, BC-UM
Karl Hess - MD-UM, VT-WF
Ray Natili - MD-UM, VT-WF
Mike Eades - MD-UM, VA-ST
Bryan Kersey - DU-ST, BC-UM
Tim Nestor - DU-ST, BC-UM
Bernard Clinton - DU-ST, VT-WF
Jamie Lucky - GT-WF, VA-ST
Gary Maxwell -GT-WF, VA-ST
Brian Dorsey - GT-WF
Roger Ayers - NC-FS

Notice any names missing?
Last year, the championship game was worked by Karl Hess, Jamie Lucky and Les Jones.
In 2005 Larry Rose, Les Jones and Duke Edsall woked the championship game.
In the last 2 seasons, the crew that worked the championship game did not work in the semi-finals.