Friday, March 9, 2007

Survive and Advance

Sidney learned from the best, and has these guys believing.

Wolfpack tops 2nd-seeded Cavs, 79-71, in ACC Tournament

Sidney Lowe has the No. 10 seed Wolfpack in the ACC semifinals for the fifth time in the last six years, after a 79-71 victory over second-seeded Virginia. Coach Sidney Lowe's team bounced back from a 14-point half-time deficit, making this the second biggest comeback in ACC Tournament history, based on the score at intermission.


Anonymous said...

Nieman came up big. Lots of quality minutes to help with Gavin’s slight foul trouble. He only scored 6 points, but man both 3’s were huge. Did he draw the charge when it looked like Virginia had tied it at 68? I thought I would die laughing when Sid put him in late and Steve Martin said the was coming in for defensive purposes.

Where did Gavin’s 20 come from? His late 3 really killed Virginia, but I didn’t think he did that much until I saw the box score. Costner was huge again. If he continues to develop, he’s going to be a freak.

After scoring 18 in the first half, I think Singletary only had 2 in the second half until he started putting on his World B. Free act and drawing 3 free throws on his leg kicks. He was fouled in the act of shooting a 3-pointer 3 times. The first one down the stretch was definitely a leg kick. Raycom didn’t give us a replay on the last one. Sidney looked like he was going to have a stroke when they called it. I think Atsur got to shoot 3 once as well. When is the last time that was called four times in a game?

After State coughed up the six point lead, I thought they were going to blow it, especially after Singletary scored 5 points at the line. Never really felt comfortable until Costner hit the last 2 free-throw to make the lead eight again… Guess we’re all haunted by the ghost of Herb. Virginia just couldn’t throw it in the ocean down the stretch. I think the goal we had in the first half and they had in the second half is cursed…