Friday, March 9, 2007

Tampa, Best Tournament Ever?

OK, too soon to proclaim something like that, but wow, what a day of basketball, topped off by Wake over GaTech in double overtime.

I'll post my impressions of Tampa and more about what the scene is like as soon as time and the need for sleep allows.

I finally saw the reply on the Clemson foul that gave FSU the win. Much like the Duke timing error, who knows if Clemson would have gone on to win the game in OT, but it sure sucks that two officiating errors kept us from finding out.

Tickets are everywhere. I paid $35 for lower level to session #1 (Face is $66). For the night session I paid $10 for a really bad upstairs seat, then walked down to behind the State bench.

If we can see 4 upsets on Friday, I'll vote to bring the ACC Tournament back to Tampa next year.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Most un-believable 4 games I've seen. Couldn't believe the 3's in the Wake-Ga Tech game. Man... I'm tired.

I thought we were going to find a way to blow it too. Forgot Sid was on the bench. Duke had a great chance to cut it to 1 when they tipped a missed free throw late.