Sunday, March 4, 2007

Waving goodby to Coach of the Year

I was all set to cast my vote for coach of the year. But seriously, does anyone want this award? With losses to Wake and Miami in the last 2 weeks, Virginia missed their chance at winning the league outright for the first time since 1981.

The Southern
Cavs' chance to clinch title spoiled by Wake
Myrtle Beach Sun News, SC - 4 hours ago
WINSTON-SALEM, NC - Kyle Visser scored 17 points and hit the clinching free throws with 10 seconds left as Wake Forest spoiled Virginia's chance to wrap up ...
Wake: There'll be no dancing on our floor Greensboro News Record
COL BKB: Wake Forest 78, Virginia 72
Virginia misses its Wake-up call Lynchburg News and Advance


Anonymous said...

Al, Gary or Seth?
Guess it depends on what happens today.

Ken White said...

One bubble win with Clemson, Let's go GaTech.

Anonymous said...

Ga Tech is now off of the bubble.

My vote for coach of the year... Gary Williams.

It's all about how you finish and 7 straight is pretty strong.

Ken White said...

Not sure. He's doing a great job now, but does that say he sucked a month ago when they were playing awful?

I guess everyone has a blemish this year. Interesting scenario. There are a small number of people speaking out in favor of Sidney Lowe for what he's done with so little. Honestly if they had just won a couple of more and finished even 7-9 I think he could have won it. What if all the mediocraty splits and dilutes votes so bad that somehow Sidney is the surprise winner.

Can I hold my vote until after Tampa?

Anonymous said...

Gold said they have to be in by 9:00 tonight...

Who do you have for Player of the year?

Ken White said...

Maybe we should actually go ahead and do the ACCFanBlog Awards, either now, or wait until after the season and after everyone else, ours would likely be better then.

Thornton putting up 45 or whatever the other night was pretty impressive. I was sold on Singletary but then Wake happens. Dudley is amazing but then they are faltering.

I think I lean towards Singletary because they did finish tied for #1. He may not even be the best player on his team, but that team goes nowhere without him.

Maybe neat to have him player of the year, but then 2nd team all-acc ;)

Anonymous said...

I would vote for after the season... at least after the ACC Tournament. According to my calculations, the tournament is just under 10% of the league schedule. Seems like a waste not to count those games toward the post-season awards.

I'll need to look through the stuff I used to justify Hodge winning Player of the year to determine who I think should get it this year.

Ken White said...

Did hodge win the year that Duhon was the pre-season pick and he just had a terrible year?

Anonymous said...

It was Hodge's Jr season. Don't remember if Duhon was the pre-season pick... He only scored 10 PPG.