Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Amaker lands on his feet

Michigan may have been a no win situation for any coach. Hard to say. They just never recovered from the Fab-5 and Steve Fisher. Hopefully Tommy will find some peace and revive his career at Harverd.

Source: Ex-Michigan coach Amaker going to Harvard
ESPN - 2 hours ago
Harvard will name former Michigan coach Tommy Amaker as its next men's basketball coach, a source close to the situation told Wednesday. ...
Amaker lands after being fired by Michigan MSNBC
Amaker accepts offer to coach at Harvard
Report: Amaker to take over at Harvard


Anonymous said...

Actually, Harvard thought they were hiring renowned engineer and physicist Geordi LaForge... They should have known something was up when he came to the interview without his visor.

Seriously, I wish Amaker all the best. Perhaps he was a bit young when he left Seton Hall to take on the mess at Michigan. Hopefully he will make the best out of this second chance. So far, my contemporaries are not doing too well as head coaches. Guys like Matt Doherty, Buzz Peterson and Quin Snyder have all joined Amaker in having disastrous head coaching experiences.