Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Coach K listenning to critics?

Nice post by Joe Ovies on 850 Blog about Coach K rethinking things...

Don’t we all. Just don’t go Speedo down in Myrtle.

The News and Observer has fascinating feature on Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski and his plans to rethink the way he does his job. Only in Durham does a 22-11 season with first-round exits in the ACC and NCAA tournaments cause so much deep thought (by Jack Handy). That’s not a knock, it simply illustrates the standards set by Coach K. The areas he and his staff have begun analyzing are the team, USA Basketball commitments and their relationship with the media. Concerning the players and USA Basketball, you can read between the lines on a couple of quotes and compare notes with a few theories that have been making the rounds. Did Duke swing and miss on recruits, or at least fail to properly evaluate the players who arrived in Durham? Has USA Basketball taken more of a toll on the coach than he would like you to believe? All valid questions, and Coach K gives some insight on the subject. More


Anonymous said...

As much as I dislike Coach K, I have to admit he is a masterful public speaker. He can be as charming in a interview as he is vile on the sidelines.

There is a generation of fans who don't know this side of Coach K. Maybe being out there will not only improve the public perception of K and the Duke program, maybe it will help him keep things in perspective and help him tone down his sideline antics.