Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sean Singletary to NBA?

It has always seemed logical to me that if you are a junior and eventually want to play in the NBA, why wouldn't you declare for the draft, not hire and agent, and just see what happens. You get to go workout for teams, get some serious feedback from the people who will eventually pay your salary on things you should work on to increase your worth, and have some fun along the way. It just seems logical.

But, as often as I've thought that it was a good idea and that the players would be coming back (Josh Powell, Damien Wilkins) somehow they never quite finished the plan and made it back to school, or at least not to the same school in Wilkins' case.

Sean Singletary was very quick to say he was coming back to school at the end of the season. But, settling back into the groove of classes, homework, and no hoops might be a little more boring than he expected. Rumor has it that Singletary may soon announce that he will make himself eligible for the NBA draft but not hire an agent, making him eligible for return to school if he withdraws his name in time. I think he would be 1st round, which means guaranteed money, so who knows what will happen if he does enter.


Anonymous said...

One has to wonder if Dave Lietao’s less than pleasant disposition on the bench has anything to do with this...

Let's see... get paid to play hoops, or listen to coach screaming when things aren't going great?

Ken White said...

I think Dave Glenn had some comments about Lietao's (man I hate spelling that name) sideline behaviour during the ACC Tournament. During the State game I had a seat on that side and end of the court, and he didn't stop the whole game. I wasn't close enough to hear it, but it wasn't pleasant I'm sure.