Sunday, April 8, 2007

Senior All-Star Games

I didn't know they still had these things, given the extreme exposure of basketball during the season, but growing up, I always really looked forward to these end of season games where ACC Seniors toured the area, sometimes in small arenas, sometimes in places like Wake's old gym, but looks like these things are still around, giving outgoing players a chance to earn a little spending money and have some fun.

ACC Stars Bring Game UPHS

UNC seniors Reyshawn Terry and Wes Miller have played in more than 100 basketball games in arenas all over the United States. Union Pines High School will soon be joining the list of venues the two have played in during their careers.

On April 19, ACC fans will be able to say goodbye to the UNC seniors and other ACC players from Tobacco Road when a team of ACC All-Stars arrive at Vikingville to play a team of Moore County All-Stars.

Other seniors expected to join Terry and Miller are Tar Heel teammate Dewey Burke; Kyle Visser and Michael Drum from Wake Forest; and Engin Atsur and Bryan Neiman from N.C. State. The Moore County All-Stars will consist of seniors from Pinecrest, North Moore and Union Pines high schools.

The game is being held to benefit the Moore County Magic, a local AAU/YBOA youth basketball program.

"This should be a great game and exciting night for family fun," said Richard Maness, coach of the Magic and local coordinator for the game.

In addition to the game, there will be a slam-dunk contest, a three-point contest at halftime and an autograph session after the game.

The game starts at 7:30 p.m. on April 19 in Union Pines' gym. Tickets are on sale at Union Pines, New Century Middle School and Johnny O's Awards in Aberdeen. Tickets are also available at How You Doin' Pizzeria & Sub Shop and Brats European Bristro, both located in Southern Pines.

A limited number of VIP tickets are available. VIP tickets include reserve seating behind the bench and a reception for the ACC players after the game.

"We expect a sellout," Maness said. "The game will be a good way for ACC fans to see a great night of basketball."

I Still have my Jimmy Black, Chuck Nevitt, and Max Perry autographs from one of these somewhere.


Anonymous said...

For, any crazy acc basketball junkies, do you know if jordan every played in one of these all star games? I know its seniors now but was it different back then?

ken white said...

Pretty sure it has only ever been seniors. Typically anyone going NBA early was going to be such a high draft pick that they wouldn't risk playing in these. Also, these were typically held before players had to declare for the draft.

Unknown said...

Hi Ken,
I'm interested in buying Chuck Nevitt's autograph. If you still have it and want to sell or trade, please mail me


Ken White said...

Not sure I know where it is, but I've got to ask, Why?

Unknown said...

Oh ,sorry have not seen you comment.
I'm a Bulls fan of Jordan times and he played for Bulls for 4 games as Bill Cartwright was injured. So simple it is.
If you find it, please send me email