Thursday, April 19, 2007

Seth Greenberg Talks about Tragedy

Several articles with Seth quotes

Virginia Tech basketball coach Greenberg, former LIer says that Hokie Nation is 'what we are'

He traveled from Plainview to New Jersey for his formal education, and the pursuit of his profession has taken him to universities from coast to coast. It didn't take the tragedy at Virginia Tech to convince Seth Greenberg he is a member of a special community. Nonetheless, the reaction of the school and adjacent town of Blacksburg confirmed his belief in what he and others call Hokie Nation.

"The respect and love people here have for each other is second to none," Greenberg, the university's men's basketball coach, said yesterday from his office. "Virginia Tech is a place where people ask how you're doing and actually wait for an answer. Hokie Nation is a real entity." More

VT Athletes escape Harm

Virginia Tech wrestler Eric Decker was about 200 yards from Norris Hall on Monday morning, walking to a class in another building, when he saw "seven to 10" police cars and a SWAT van, then heard "probably three or four" gunshots.

He said three police officers arriving on the scene sprinted toward him and screamed at him to get down.

"I bent down and was doing like a bent-over run, and they bent over with me and kind of covered me up until I got somewhere where I was out of view," said Decker, a freshman from Wells Bridge, N.Y., who then spent several hours in another building during a campus lockdown. More...

I'm Numb

Greenberg first learned of the tragedy shortly after breakfast Monday morning when his daughter, Paige, a freshman at Virginia Tech, called him and informed him of the first of the two deadly shootings.

Greenberg advised his daughter to meet him at his office in Cassell Coliseum, but she temporarily ended up at her boyfriend's off-campus apartment when the second round of shootings began just minutes later. Eventually, she made her way to the Greenberg family home roughly two miles from campus.

"It's all been just a blur," Greenberg said.

According to the report, Greenberg spent much of the day making sure his players had contacted their families to let them know they were safe. He also spoke with a school psychologist who will help counsel students and faculty members. More...