Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What’s Going on at Wake?

With today’s announcement that sophomore forward Kevin Swinton will transfer, Wake Forest has had more defections this spring than the East Germans used to get during the Olympics. Swinton joins freshman Casey Crawford and sophomore Shamaine Dukes on the transfer list. Every program has players transfer to other schools. Let’s face it; 17 year olds don’t always make the best decision when it comes to picking schools, but 3 transfers in one year? One has to wonder if there are deeper problems at Wake Forest than the back to back bad seasons.

Neither of the transfers were major contributors to the Deacs this season, so this could just be a case of the coaching staff and the players agreeing that it is time to move on. The program was definitely hurt by Chris Paul's early departure to the NBA. However, we have reached the point where Wake fans and coach Skip Prosser can no longer use that early departure as an excuse. Even the Wake lunitic fringe would have to admit that Paul would only be around for 3 years. Prosser should have planned to have a new point guard in place at the start of this season. Of course we wouldn't be discussing this had Prosser landed Greg Oden. Skip Prosser’s job is safe for now, but another bad season and he will be on the hot seat. I never thought I would see the day that the Wake Forest Football program was more successful and stable than the basketball program.


Ken White said...

Wake had gone hard for Tyrees Rice, who eventually ended up at BC. His presence alone might have reshaped the last 2 years.

You almost get the feeling they brought in sub-par classes and wonder if they are now really encouraging those kids to try elsewhere, making room for a couple of large classes.