Friday, May 18, 2007

A good walk spoiled

After years of not getting around to it, I happened to see "A Good Walk Spoiled" by former Dukie John Feinstein. I've enjoyed most of his books, especially the basketball ones and seem to be obsessed with golf this time of year, so I'm finally starting to read it.

Was half asleep reading about Tom Watson preparing as the Ryder Cup captain when Roy Williams' name jumps off the page. Turns out Watson went to see Roy for coaching advice before the matches. Their discussion focussed mainly on playing in hostile environments (matches were to be played in Europe). Roy's advice, tell the players to "Listen for the Silence". On the road, that silence, indicating you've taken the crowd out of the game, is golden. He coaches is players to play for the silence, strive to hear it, revel in it on the road.