Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Should ACC Basketball go to 18 game Conference Schedule?

At this weeks ACC Meetings in Florida, one of the things to be discussed is an 18-game conference schedule. Big 10 is going to 18, and so is the Big East apparently.

From Charlotte Observer:

Meetings this week will address expanding conference schedule




Duke Blue Devils head coach Mike Krzyzewski opposes increasing the conference schedule from 16 games to 18. 'It would be a huge mistake,' Krzyzewski says.

The serenity of the seaside Ritz-Carlton resort is the perfect place for ACC Commissioner John Swofford to discuss a contentious issue with the league's men's basketball coaches.

If it gets too hot in the conference room at the ACC meetings this week, Swofford can escape for a walk along the beach.

He said ACC officials would discuss increasing the conference schedule from 16 games to 18 beginning in the 2008-09 season. Many ACC coaches will resist that idea.

"It would be a huge mistake," Duke's Mike Krzyzewski said.

"An 18-game schedule to me appears to be too many," Clemson's Oliver Purnell said.

It's not too many for the Pac-10, which plays 18 conference games. Or the Big East and Big Ten, which will begin playing 18 next season.

Swofford said extra conference games could generate more ticket revenue for schools and would appeal to fans and television executives. But coaches say two more conference games would make their schedules too difficult.

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With some very vocal coaches against the move, hard to believe it happens in the ACC. I also wonder, what impact does the expanded conference schedule have on NCAA tournament berths. If you look at a team like Syracuse, who didn't get in because they didn't play anyone. If your conference has a down year, and 2/3's of your games are against conference teams, the reduced number of non-conference opportunities could become a real scheduling nightmare, making sure you have some winnable games but still enough quality opponents.

No suprise that Oliver Purnell is against this ;)


ken white said...

Turns out I was right and Carlton Tudor was WRONG.

ACC won't expand basketball schedule

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