Thursday, May 31, 2007

Update on NC State assistant Larry Harris case

As you may remember Coach Harris was arrested a few months back. He had filed a report saying the officer used excessive force, and all has been quiet since. There is a video of the incident, so you have to assume the truth of the event will eventually come out. In the latest update, it looks like the officer will not be charged.


A Raleigh officer accused of assaulting a N.C. State coach will not be charged if a Wake County official has his way.
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Eyewitness News has learned that a magistrate judge has reviewed as internal investigation by Raleigh police and believes the officer should not be charged.

Raleigh police have completed their investigation of officer Robert King, according to Eyewitness News sources.

The report by the department's internal affairs division was taken to the Wake County magistrate's office earlier this month.

The chief magistrate reviewed the report and determined there was "no probable cause" for charges against Officer King. He was accused by N.C. State Assistant Basketball Coach Larry Harris of using excessive force during an April traffic stop.

Days after Harris' arrest, his attorney, Lee Turner expressed the coaches feelings. "He's upset that this ever...that this occurred."

Harris was stopped by Officer King in April for allegedly speeding on a downtown street.

In a police report, Officer King claimed Harris refused to follow instructions or provide a driver's license and physically resisted the officer.

Turner, who is also a friend of Harris' and a former Raleigh police officer, said King assaulted Harris.

"Coach Harris' conduct did not in any way rise to the level where he needed to be pepper sprayed or handled in the way that he was," Turner said.

But now a magistrate doesn't think the officer's actions were criminal. It's not the first time Officer King has been the subject of a Raleigh police investigation.

Last year, he was cleared after a Wake judge accused him of lying in court. Wake's district attorney is reviewing the latest internal investigation, but unless the D.A.'s office disagrees with the magistrate, it appears Harris will be the only one facing criminal charges.

King's case is scheduled for July.


Anonymous said...

I heard from a close source that a lot of stuff that was said about the arresting officer on Statefansnation was not true. I just wish they would go ahead and resolve this... Wonder why they haven't released the tape...

Ken White said...

WRAL's story is up