Friday, June 29, 2007

NBA Draft recap

Full draft coverage at

For the part we care about,
#8 - Brandon Wright - For a moment it looked like Charlotte and MJ were going to build a full team out of just Tarheels, but then they traded Brandon to Golden State.

#12 - Thadeus Young to 76ers.

#14 - Al Thornton to Clippers. I really hope he becomes a star.

#17 - Sean Williams to New Jersey. We didn't see much of Sean this year since he was dismissed from the team at BC, but he would have likely been 1st team ACC.

#19 - Javaris Crittenton to the Lakers. I just didn't see enough of either of the Tech guys to really care.

#22 - Jared Dudley to Charlotte. I'm anxious to see how he develops.

#37 - Josh McRoberts - I'm surprised he fell to 2nd round, but he never should have gone, and he's a few years away from anyone knowing whether he is NBA good or not.

#44 - Reyshawn Terry to Orlando. Guess Reyshawn and Riddick will have to be buddies now. Wonder how the Dukies will feel when Terry gets off the bench before JJ?

#59 - DJ Strawberry to Phoenix. If he can make this team, he'll have a blast whether he plays or not.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Singletary returns...

One more year at Charlottsville for ACC Fan Blog 1st teamer Sean Singletary. I was actually sweating this one. Logically he should have declared so he could go to the camps and learn, but as stories were coming out that he wouldn't be a 1st rounder, so were the rumors that he might be considering jump to NBDL. But now, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports he will be returning to UVA for his senior season.

CHARLOTTESVILLE -- All-ACC basketball player Sean Singletary has decided to return to the University of Virginia for his senior year, two sources close to Singletary confirmed Monday afternoon.

Singletary, a 5-11 guard, returned to U.Va. from his hometown of Philadelphia on Monday afternoon. The deadline for underclassmen to withdraw from the NBA draft is 5 p.m. Monday.

For more details, see Tuesday's Times-Dispatch.

Whether you like Virginia or not, this is good news for ACC fans, because this guy is one of those players that is fun to watch and he is cocky enough to make him a guy you love to hate.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Update - Nifong resignation effective July 13!?

Two days after he was stripped of his law license, Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong indicated Monday that he will remain on the job for another month.

Nifong submitted a letter of resignation to Gov. Mike Easley, saying that he would leave office on July 13...

Hopefully there is a way for a Superior Court Judge to push this date up a bit.

Nifong found guilty of ethics violations…
Just in case you’ve been hiding under a rock, the North Carolina Bar disbarred Durham District attorney Michael Nifong Saturday after finding him guilty of two dozen ethics violations. In the end, Nifong suggested disbarment would be the appropriate punishment and indicated he would not appeal.

Nifong stripped of law license for lacrosse case misconduct
Duke lacrosse prosecutor disbarred

While this decision brings some closure, this is not over by a long shot. According to the News and Observer, Dfense attorneys indicated they would press the trial judge to charge Nifong with criminal contempt. Additionally there is the $3 million in legal fees that the families had to pay to clear the names of the players, not to mention the emotional pain and suffering the families had to go though. Although Michael Nifong career inside of the courtroom is over, he will still be spending plenty of time in court, however now it will at the defendants table.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Brackman Drops to 30th in MLB Draft

Is N.C. State responsible for his fall?

N.C. State junior Andrew Brackman was taken by the Yankees as the last pick of the first round of the MLB Draft. Unless something very unusual happens, Brackman’s Wolfpack Basketball and Baseball careers are over. The only hope for Wolfpack fans is that the Yankees won’t sign him before the August 15 deadline… Don’t count on that happening. Of course, under NCAA rules, Brackman still has basketball eligibility even if he signs with the Yanks. George Steinbrenner has done many stupid things during his tenure as Yankee owner; allowing a first round draft selection to risk injury while playing college hoops is not one of them. With his days at N.C. State seemingly over, one has to ask what caused Brackman to fall from a possible top-three pick to 30th? A drop that based on figures from “The Baseball Analysts”, likely cost Brackman $2 million in signing bonuses.

After a freshman season that saw Brackman post an impressive 4-0 record with a 2.25 ERA after he finished with basketball, his sophomore season was a disaster with Brackman appearing in only seven games before the discovery of a stress fracture in his hip ended his season. After he decided to fore go his junior year of basketball to concentrate on baseball, the general thought was that Brackman would have a breakout junior season on the mound. Unfortunately, after posting a 6-4 record and 3.81 ERA in 78 innings of work, injury once again ended Brackman’s season prematurely. Although the sore arm, which N.C. State officials indicate should be fine with rest, no doubt scared away most MLB scouts, the fact that his fastball no longer had the same zip as in previous seasons was likely a major factor in has slip to 30th.

...Focusing on baseball forced Brackman to change the way he trains. No more late night powerlifting sessions - those made him too bulky, costing him flexibility in his arm and zip from his fastball. Instead, his workouts focus on his lower body, so he can generate a stronger leg push when he winds, kicks and delivers...

Of course having Scott Boras as an “advisor” probably scared a few teams off.

In my analysis, Brackman is paying the price for his attempt at being a two-sport star. However, N.C. State bears some of the responsibility for his fall in the draft. It’s easy to see a 6’ 10” basketball player and think “post player” Most people forget that Brackman had spent his high school hoops career as a guard. His sudden growth spurt instantly got everyone thinking that he was a post player… just one problem. He still had the body frame of a guard. Whether it was encouragement from Herb Sendek, or the his own realization that he was being pushed around in the paint, Brackman decided that he needed to bulk up between his freshman and sophomore seasons. What concerns me is that there was apparently no thought on the impact Brackman’s weight training program would have on his baseball career. For this, I blame Coach Avent and Coach Sendek for apparently not discussing what was in Brackman’s best interest. Folks, there is nothing wrong with having a 6’ 10” guard on the basketball team, but there is something terribly wrong with not taking the time to advise and supervise a top baseball prospect on how to properly develop his body. While I am not sure what expertise N.C. State’s weight training staff has on such matters, I am sure that a little bit of research would have put Brackman’s weight training program on the right track.

I hope Brackman does well. As a lifelong Braves fan, it pains me to consider rooting for the Yankees, but I guess I can pull for them every fifth day.

Career Baseball Stats from
'05 2.09 4-0 10 07 00 00 43.0 32 13 10 18 43 05 00 00 148 .216 03 04 2
'06 6.35 1-3 07 07 00 00 28.1 37 25 20 19 32 08 00 02 116 .319 07 04 1
'07 3.81 6-4 13 13 01 00 78.0 78 41 33 37 74 11 03 07 296 .264 12 10 1

Career Basketball Stats from

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Buzz back in Charlotte

No, not the Buzz of Hornets, but Buzz Peterson joins MJ and Phil working for the Bobcats.

Our friend Any Katz is reporting
Peterson rejoins old friend Jordan with Bobcats

Coastal Carolina coach Buzz Peterson announced Tuesday that he was leaving the school to join his former North Carolina teammate Michael Jordan with the Charlotte Bobcats.

Jordan rewarded Peterson for their friendship over the years with the title of the director of player personnel.

"It's a chance to be with a close friend," Peterson told on Tuesday. "We've talked about this for sometime but I didn't expect it. I'm just going to go there and learn from Rod Higgins, Bernie Bickerstaff and to work alongside Michael. He's going to work at it. He wants to make sure this is a successful franchise and I'm excited to be a part of it."

I've always liked Buzz. He was part of my favorite basketball play ever. Nobody but a nut like me would remember it, so I won't go into it now. Then he shows up at NC State on Les Robinson's staff. After Stackhouse and McGuiness picked UNC over the Wolfpack in probably the last recruiting battle the two schools faced off in, you knew his days at State were numbered. I hated to see him flop at Tennessee, but he just couldn't get it done. I think this is a wise move for him. But you sure have to wonder if the Bobcats know what they are doing with so many home-state favorites.

Valvano Recruiting Video

Todd from Atlanta sent this one in. I kind of remember hearing about this while I was at State, but hadn't seen it. It is a 17 minute recruiting video Valvano created to show kids he was recruiting. It feels dated now, but for its time, I think was a pretty creative thing.

2 parts below, and don't watch until you have time. Much of it is worth it. The one part I could do without though is when they list some former players in the NBA, I think I would have skipped Washburn.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What does WTVD know that we don't know?

Update on Gavin Grant's immigration status. No news and another delay. The headline is what caught my eye:

Former N.C. State Palyer's Immigration Hearing Delayed

"Former"? When did that happen? I don't think it did and I suspect the AP reporter just messed up the headline, but time will tell...

ACC History Crumbling...

Don't you love those sensational, vague headlines?

A little late on posting this one, it has been on my todo list for a while.

When the Charlotte Coliseum openned in 1988, it was the best basketball arena I had been to.. Not the best place to see a game, I'd been to Reynolds, Cameron, Charmicheal. But it was big, designed for basketball, and in my mind, the perfect place for a tournament. Parking was fantastic, right around the building in all directions. Traffic flowed, with fantastic, reversible lanes, and the building was away from everything else. In my mind, that was the way it should be for tournament basketball. And it probably is the way it should be if all you care about is the basketball. But, it didn't have luxury suites, and didn't benefit the local economy the way a downtown arena can, and now it is gone.

Charlotte Coliseum comes down; only memories remain

Some of my most vivid Charlotte Coliseum memories:

  • Tom Gugliotta's coming out party his sophomore year at the Tournament of Champions
  • Eating ton's of acc tournament tickets when suprise snow storm rolls into Charlotte
  • The Final Four in Charlotte. Bill Clinton came to see Arkansas, we skipped the games and drank/ate in the parking lot watching on 5 inch TV, then bought our Final's tickets. Duke lost the finals of course, and then we got in a car wreck getting back on 85 (Yes, we were sober)
  • Garth Brooks concert...And that's all I have to say about that.
  • Too many basketball games to ever remember. Unfortunately my last game there, I didn't get to see. The last ACC tournament held in Charlotte was 2002. NC State was making a surprising run to the finals and had to play a hot Maryland team. We could not get into the game. Prices were around $150 and I wouldn't pay it. This was the first college game I ever didn't get into. (Went to Hooter's and State won, so it was still a great day).
OH well, my first thought was to be sad that this place is gone, and that next years ACC tournament will not be in this arena. BUT, after the fantastic experience of a downtown arena in Tampa, I expect next Spring's tournament to be even better at Bobcat's Arena.

A Call from Dean Smith

I got a call from Dean Smith the other day. Before you get too impressed, thousands of others in the area got it too. Dean, who is politically active and a Democrat, was encouraging people to come out for a John Edwards rally and birthday party. Since it was recorded, I couldn't ask him any of the questions I've built up over the years, like what was he thinking with that 7-0 1st half at Duke, or about getting T'd up in Reynolds in '83. I'm sure I've got better questions than that if I really think about it. Mabye something more along the lines of, how did your math and statistics background shape how you approached basketball. But I digress.

If you grew up in NC, it is hard to imagine anyone you respect more than Dean Smith. Richard Petty may have been just as popular, but somehow I think Dean was a little more respected. It was hard for me to ignore that call. I didn't make it to the rally, but it was hard to say no to Dean, even if it was just a recording.

I'm guessing Dean still has a lot of pull with Michael Jordan, and all of his former players. Dean is loyal, and has shown his loyalty to Phil Ford throughout the last 25 years. Phil was my favorite player as a child. While my first basketball memory is David Thompson, Phil was the guy I pretened to be shooting ball in the backyard with the rim nailed up on a tree. Much like Thompson, Phil had his troubles after college, cutting short his NBA career. So if Dean did call MJ, who is part owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, you have to believe the coaching vacancies came up. And you have to believe Phil was at the top of a long list of possible candidates Dean would have mentioned from his long list of former players.

Bobcats add Phil Ford

Former North Carolina point guard and New York Knicks assistant coach Phil Ford was named an assistant coach for the Charlotte Bobcats on Thursday.

Ford led the Tar Heels to the NCAA championship game in 1977 and won the Wooden Award as the nation's top player the following year as a senior. He later spent 12 years as an assistant at North Carolina under Dean Smith and Bill Guthridge, but also had problems off the court when he was arrested twice on charges of drunken driving.

Ford, 51, was let go when Matt Doherty replaced Guthridge as head coach in 2000. He had spent the past three years as an NBA assistant with Detroit and New York. Full Story...

It's no secret that the 1st mistake Matt Doherty made, and a clear sign of problems to come, was the move to fire all of Guthridge's staff. I remember clearly a look in Guthridge's eyes during the press conference when Matt was introduced that I read as pain over what would happen to his assistants. While it sounds like Phil had been working and landed on his feet, it will be good to have him back in the state.

The bobcats have a very interesting staff. Joining Ford is Jeff Capel (the dad, not the son) and Lee Rose. You may remember Rose as the coach of then UNCC (now Charlotte) and their magical 1977 run to the Final Four.

ESPNU coming soon

Looks like ESPN's clever strategy of putting NC State on ESPNU as often as possible has paid off, and Time-Warner will be adding ESPNU to its cable lineup:

Time Warner Cable will begin offering the channel Aug. 31, in time for college football

ESPNU, which could carry a dozen or more college football games involving ACC teams this season, is about to be in play for most television viewers in the state.

Time Warner Cable has reached an agreement with ESPNU to add the channel to its digital cable package beginning on Aug. 31, one day before the opening round of Saturday games.

Cable customers in the Triangle and most of the North Carolina market will have an option to add the channel to their service.

Starting times and television coverage plans for the opening three weeks of ACC football are on the verge of being finalized, but ESPNU wound up with 13 games involving ACC football teams last season. Assistant commissioner Mike Finn thinks an equal number of league games will fall ESPNU's way in 2007. Full Story...

Wolves in a fight

Didn't want to post this until I could come up with images, but thanks to Associated Content, we have them now.

NC State, Nevada Officials to Discuss Similar Logos, NC - 3 hours ago
NC State officials sent an inquiry to the University of Nevada in Reno to find out if 'Toughie' the Wolfpack wolf was being used on Nevada Wolf Pack ...

Wolfpack? Wolf Pack? Talks are looming
Charlotte Observer, NC - Jun 11, 2007
Nevada's secondary logo is a wolf wearing a blue top hat, and NC State has a similar logo with red and white colors. -- ASSOCIATED PRESS Kansas City, ...
NC State asks if `Toughie' wolf logo used by Nevada Wolf Pack, Fayetteville NC - Jun 6, 2007
Nevada's teams are called the Wolf Pack. A mug shot version of the wolf looks similar to one seen on items including a welcome mat and cookie jar that ...

I'm no expert, but I think it is obvious that either the same person drew these, or whoever drew the second one copied the first one. Whether fault can be assigned, these schools will either have to come to some kind of friendly agreement, or it is going to cost someone some money.

Sail with the Pilot

I still want to find some early CD Chesley clips, early opening themes, any of that stuff. But happenned upon this on a John Locke Post:

This commercial was on every ACC broadcast (I think maybe there were only 2 a week back then). I guess this was after JP took over, but not positive.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Vince Taylor Sighting...

I've always liked losers. I think it goes back to my elementary school basketball team, which won 1 games in the 2 years I played basketball. When picking teams, I'd rather be on the underdog. I'm sure there is something to be understood about my personality from it, but I'd rather be the best player on a bad team than the 4th option on a good team. So maybe that explains why I was a big Brooke Steppe fan when GaTech first came into the league. And I guess that explains why for one brief period in my life, Duke was my favorite team. After Banks, Dennard, and Gminski were gone, Duke sucked, I was a Duke Fan, and Vince Taylor was THE MAN. I loved this guys game.

Hadn't heard from him since, although I guess I didn't look very hard. Anyway, he's surfaced on Tubby's Staff

Head Basketball Coach Tubby Smith Announces Staff

Vince Taylor – Assistant Coach
Vince Taylor joins Coach Smith’s staff after spending the previous two seasons with the Minnesota Timberwolves of the NBA. With the T-Wolves, Taylor was responsible for player development.

Prior to arriving in Minnesota, Taylor spent seven seasons as an assistant at the University of Louisville, four under Rick Pitino and three under Denny Crum. While with the Louisville program, Taylor earned the reputation as one of the nation’s top recruiters. He helped the Cardinals land a top-five recruiting class in 2001 under Pitino that included McDonald’s All-American Carlos Hurt. Taylor was also heavily responsible for the recruitment of Reece Gaines to Louisville. Gaines was a four-year starter and was named third team All-American as a senior. Gaines was the 15th pick of the 2003 NBA Entry Draft. In 2005, Louisville returned to the Final Four with many Taylor’s recruits including Francisco Garcia. Garcia was then selected at the 23rd pick in the 2005 Draft by Sacramento.

Before joining the Louisville staff in 1998, Taylor was an assistant coach at the University of Pittsburgh (1997-98) and briefly at the University of Wyoming (1998).

Before Taylor began his coaching career, he spent 13 seasons playing professional basketball in Europe, including the last two as a player/assistant coach in the Belgian professional league. Additionally, he averaged 3.1 points, 1.2 rebounds and 1.3 assists per game in 31 contests with the New York Knicks in 1982-83 after being selected by the team in the second round (33rd overall) of the 1982 NBA Draft. Taylor was traded to the Indiana Pacers in 1983-84 before beginning his European career in 1984, initially in Italy (1984-86), then moving to France (1986-92) and finishing his career in Belgium (1992-97).

A standout guard at Duke University, Taylor earned All-Atlantic Coast Conference and honorable mention All-America honors as a senior (1981-82) by averaging 20.3 points per game. During Taylor’s collegiate career, the Blue Devils won the 1979 ACC regular season championship and advanced to the NCAA Tournament twice (1979 and 1980) and National Invitational Tournament once (1981). Taylor, who scored 1,445 career collegiate points, finished his career as one of the top 10 scorers in Duke history. He once held the school record by playing in 120 consecutive games.

A 1982 graduate of Duke with a bachelor’s degree in economics, Taylor was named to the President’s List at Duke his senior year. That honor is awarded to only five percent of the student body, and is based on contributions to the university and academic achievements.

Taylor prepped at Tates Creek High School, where he was a McDonald’s high school All-American as a senior in 1978 while averaging 29.3 points and 11 rebounds per game.

A native of Lexington, Ky., Taylor has two children: son, Brendan, and, daughter, Maya.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Donovan Goes Bobby Cremins on the Magic

From the The Ledger Online...

According to two internet reports, Billy Donovan's successor at Florida might be Billy Donovan.

While Anthony Grant released a statement Sunday night saying he had been contacted by Florida about replacing Donovan as the school's men's basketball coach but had not met any official from the school, two Web sites reported that Donovan is now having second thoughts and wants to return to Florida.

Grant released a statement Sunday night shortly before and ESPN both reported that Donovan, who left Florida to sign a five-year,$27.5 million deal with the Orlando Magic, is having second thoughts and wants to return to Florida. reported that Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley flew to Richmond, Va., Saturday to meet with Grant but that shortly after the plane landed, it returned to Gainesville without Grant. cited an anonymous source as saying that Donovan had contacted Foley about getting released from his deal with the Magic.

Meanwhile, reported Sunday night that the Magic have a signed contract with Donovan and were deciding whether or not to let him out of the deal. If the Magic do let Donovan out of the deal, they have to decide whether to enforce a financial penalty...
Dick Vitale had a couple of good takes on this during his Monday slot on "Mike & Mike in the Morning." First he said that there is no way Orlando will hold Donovan to the contract. Would you want your team coached by someone who didn't want to be there? Next he said this is not about the money... it comes down to this. Does Billy Donovan want the challenge of the NBA, or does he want to be a legend in Gainsville?

When ESPN contacted Bobby Cremins about the Donovan flip-flop, he said the maybe in 10 years when a coach does this they'll say he went Billy Donovan on them.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Archie Miller moves up...

Former wolfpack fan favorite, Herb assistant, and brother of Xavier coach Sean Miller has made a big leap in his young coaching career:

Archie Miller named assistant at Ohio State

Dave Glenn on ACC NBA prospects

DG's latest blog entry talks about Orlando camp for NBA Prospects and how Jared Dudley, Reyshawn Terry, James Mays, and Coleman Collins are performing:

UNC's Terry, Others Improve NBA Stock

Friday, June 1, 2007

Will coaching scramble touch the ACC?

Just when you thinnk we are done for the year, this shocker. This could start another coaching chain reaction that ends up affecting a lot of schools.

Donovan left dream job to grasp for pro glory

Turkish Press
Donovan's disappearing act considered pure Magic
Ocala Star-Banner, FL - 54 minutes ago
Billy Donovan leaves Gainesville at the absolute top of his profession, having guided the University of Florida basketball program from also-ran to ...
Donovan's exit expected Florida Times-Union
Donovan leaving Gators for Magic Atlanta Journal Constitution (subscription)
Poof! Donovan joins Magic Florida Times-Union