Sunday, June 17, 2007


Update - Nifong resignation effective July 13!?

Two days after he was stripped of his law license, Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong indicated Monday that he will remain on the job for another month.

Nifong submitted a letter of resignation to Gov. Mike Easley, saying that he would leave office on July 13...

Hopefully there is a way for a Superior Court Judge to push this date up a bit.

Nifong found guilty of ethics violations…
Just in case you’ve been hiding under a rock, the North Carolina Bar disbarred Durham District attorney Michael Nifong Saturday after finding him guilty of two dozen ethics violations. In the end, Nifong suggested disbarment would be the appropriate punishment and indicated he would not appeal.

Nifong stripped of law license for lacrosse case misconduct
Duke lacrosse prosecutor disbarred

While this decision brings some closure, this is not over by a long shot. According to the News and Observer, Dfense attorneys indicated they would press the trial judge to charge Nifong with criminal contempt. Additionally there is the $3 million in legal fees that the families had to pay to clear the names of the players, not to mention the emotional pain and suffering the families had to go though. Although Michael Nifong career inside of the courtroom is over, he will still be spending plenty of time in court, however now it will at the defendants table.


Ken White said...

It's always an odd thing when you sue a government, because it is like suing the people. Tax money will pay the settlement. But in this case, the majority of people in Durham deserve to pay. They were stupid enough to re-elect this jackass, and it should cost them at a minimum the legal fees and some amount to make up for a lost 18 months of their lives.

You just have to hope going forward that these 3 kids can somehow turn this awful thing into a positive and go on to do something really special with their lives.