Monday, June 4, 2007

Donovan Goes Bobby Cremins on the Magic

From the The Ledger Online...

According to two internet reports, Billy Donovan's successor at Florida might be Billy Donovan.

While Anthony Grant released a statement Sunday night saying he had been contacted by Florida about replacing Donovan as the school's men's basketball coach but had not met any official from the school, two Web sites reported that Donovan is now having second thoughts and wants to return to Florida.

Grant released a statement Sunday night shortly before and ESPN both reported that Donovan, who left Florida to sign a five-year,$27.5 million deal with the Orlando Magic, is having second thoughts and wants to return to Florida. reported that Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley flew to Richmond, Va., Saturday to meet with Grant but that shortly after the plane landed, it returned to Gainesville without Grant. cited an anonymous source as saying that Donovan had contacted Foley about getting released from his deal with the Magic.

Meanwhile, reported Sunday night that the Magic have a signed contract with Donovan and were deciding whether or not to let him out of the deal. If the Magic do let Donovan out of the deal, they have to decide whether to enforce a financial penalty...
Dick Vitale had a couple of good takes on this during his Monday slot on "Mike & Mike in the Morning." First he said that there is no way Orlando will hold Donovan to the contract. Would you want your team coached by someone who didn't want to be there? Next he said this is not about the money... it comes down to this. Does Billy Donovan want the challenge of the NBA, or does he want to be a legend in Gainsville?

When ESPN contacted Bobby Cremins about the Donovan flip-flop, he said the maybe in 10 years when a coach does this they'll say he went Billy Donovan on them.


Ken White said...

Cremmin's comment is hilarious.