Friday, June 29, 2007

NBA Draft recap

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For the part we care about,
#8 - Brandon Wright - For a moment it looked like Charlotte and MJ were going to build a full team out of just Tarheels, but then they traded Brandon to Golden State.

#12 - Thadeus Young to 76ers.

#14 - Al Thornton to Clippers. I really hope he becomes a star.

#17 - Sean Williams to New Jersey. We didn't see much of Sean this year since he was dismissed from the team at BC, but he would have likely been 1st team ACC.

#19 - Javaris Crittenton to the Lakers. I just didn't see enough of either of the Tech guys to really care.

#22 - Jared Dudley to Charlotte. I'm anxious to see how he develops.

#37 - Josh McRoberts - I'm surprised he fell to 2nd round, but he never should have gone, and he's a few years away from anyone knowing whether he is NBA good or not.

#44 - Reyshawn Terry to Orlando. Guess Reyshawn and Riddick will have to be buddies now. Wonder how the Dukies will feel when Terry gets off the bench before JJ?

#59 - DJ Strawberry to Phoenix. If he can make this team, he'll have a blast whether he plays or not.


Anonymous said...

The Dukies won’t have to worry about Reyshawn stealing PT from J.J. since the was traded to Dallas for the 60th pick. He joins fellow Winston-Salem native Josh Howard on the Mav’s roster. Although Reyshawn’s bio says he graduated from Reynolds, he played at Howard’s alma matter, Glenn, for 3 ½ years. Winston has become a hot-bed of hoops talent since we graduated from high school back in the dark ages… Anyone remember a guy named Chris Paul?