Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wolves in a fight

Didn't want to post this until I could come up with images, but thanks to Associated Content, we have them now.

NC State, Nevada Officials to Discuss Similar Logos
abc11tv.com, NC - 3 hours ago
NC State officials sent an inquiry to the University of Nevada in Reno to find out if 'Toughie' the Wolfpack wolf was being used on Nevada Wolf Pack ...

Wolfpack? Wolf Pack? Talks are looming
Charlotte Observer, NC - Jun 11, 2007
Nevada's secondary logo is a wolf wearing a blue top hat, and NC State has a similar logo with red and white colors. -- ASSOCIATED PRESS Kansas City, ...
NC State asks if `Toughie' wolf logo used by Nevada Wolf Pack
FayObserver.com, Fayetteville NC - Jun 6, 2007
Nevada's teams are called the Wolf Pack. A mug shot version of the wolf looks similar to one seen on items including a welcome mat and cookie jar that ...

I'm no expert, but I think it is obvious that either the same person drew these, or whoever drew the second one copied the first one. Whether fault can be assigned, these schools will either have to come to some kind of friendly agreement, or it is going to cost someone some money.