Wednesday, July 25, 2007

ACC Fallout from NBA Ref Scandal

For anyone that hasn't heard, David Stern has a mess on his hands.

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San Jose Mercury News, USA - 3 hours ago
But anyone who thinks ex-NBA ref Tim Donaghy -- who allegedly bet on basketball games -- is the league's first official to gamble is crazy. ...
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Now word that the ACC has been pro-active:

ACC checking backgrounds of officials

Accusations an NBA referee bet on games he officiated and gave gamblers inside information led the ACC's commissioner to reconsider the question: Could it happen here?

John Swofford's answer: Not if he can prevent it. And he hopes he can.

The ACC is entering the second year of conducting background checks on football and men's and women's basketball officials. A private firm conducts the checks each year on about a third of the officials, chosen at random, and there's a guarantee that each official will be checked at least once every four years.

Every year, all officials in those sports fill out a form on which they consent to a background check and provide information about whether they have been involved in gambling. The league looks into criminal records, credit reports and driving records. Full Story...