Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sidney Lowe in trouble

OK, sensational headline without much meat. About 2 years ago when Raleigh was under water restrictions, you could only water on certain days. I hadn't used my irrigation system all year but finally decided to get it working. I hooked everything back up from winterization and decided to run it once through just to make sure everything worked. I probably knew I wasn't allowed to water on that day, but I needed to check it out and did it. One of my neighbors turned me in. Seriously, within 30 minutes of starting it, the water police were at my house, handing me a $200 ticket.

All I can say about this story is, these are pretty good days at NC State when the bad story of the summer is this.

Sidney Lowe: Water Bandit

from 850theBuzz's Joe Ovies

On July 1st, Raleigh started year-round water restrictions. Some of you might even have a magnet on your fridge with a friendly reminder. Under the new rules, odd-numbered addresses only get to water on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays; even-numbered addresses on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Mondays are a big no-no for everyone, don’t even think about it. Hey, wash your car 3 times a day…everyday, and you’re cool. Water your lawn on a Monday, and the H2O Gestapo will cite you. And they are leaving no house unchecked:

Among those breaking the rules was Sidney Lowe, N.C. State University basketball coach. A citation was issued Saturday for improper watering at the 9,500-square-foot house he and his wife own on a half-acre lot in Brier Creek. A spokeswoman for the NCSU basketball team said Lowe would have no comment.

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Anonymous said...

Too funny... Scott lives just down the street from Sid. He told me that since the restrictions started, the lawns in the neighborhood had started to fade.

Wonder if Sid's grounds keeper cracked under the pressure?

Ken White said...

I'm just going to start spray painting I think.

Ken White said...

From the N&O

There is justice in the world, State fans.

Turns out that Sidney Lowe isn't the only basketball celebrity to run afoul of Raleigh's rules on lawn irrigation.

Former UNC star and assistant coach Phil Ford, who lives in the same Brier Creek golf community as N.C. State coach Lowe, also was cited for watering his lawn on the wrong day of the week.

Dozens of State fans accused The News & Observer of singling out Lowe unfairly when it reported Wednesday that he was one of 272 water customers to be issued a warning during the first two weeks of the new rules. His name surfaced as that of the only public figure when the paper matched 30 to 40 addresses to names and phone numbers. Ford's was not among those, but water officials said Friday he also was cited. Ford is now on the coaching staff of the Charlotte Bobcats.

Both of the basketball luminaries were given first-time warnings July 14 for violating the restrictions that limit watering by address. Odd numbers get Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday; even numbers get Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Both men live at even-numbered addresses.

When it comes to basketball, off the court, city inspectors apparently aren't choosing sides.