Monday, July 30, 2007

Where Dukies go to thrive?

Interesting article on Jamal Boykin and Eric Boetang.

Former-Dookie vs Former-Dookie:

Two former Dookies will be facing off each on the other coast next season. I am talking about undersized power forward Jamal Boykin at Cal and big man Eric Boetang at Arizona State. I applaud both players for making the right decision and escaping Coach Dracuka K's Cameron Den. Boetang could only take one year of K and used the ACC connection to escape to the west coast where former NC State head coach took over Arizona State. And Boetang, a McDonalds All-American selection, has a good chance to be the starting center of a Pac-10 team. Much better than warming the bench at the Dookestra. Jamal Boykin was more patient, he stayed for 1.5 semesters, so he won't be eligible until the Spring semester. He should also do well at Cal, regardless whether he starts or not. He was also a top 100 player coming out of high school, the biggest knock on him was his size for a college power forward. But will either one get any post-season play (other than the Pac-10 tournament)? Cal has a better chance, although Arizona State is bringing in a lot of talent. I can see at least one NIT bid out of those two teams. But it's better to play in the NIT than warm up the bench in the NCAA? Isn't it? Full Story...