Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Brackman signs with Yankees

Contract incentives include end to hoops career

The Yankees and Andrew Brackman played beat the clock and it appears that Brackman won to the tune of $3.3 million guaranteed. The incentive laden contract could be worth up to $13.8 million if Brackman gives up basketball.

NC State's Andrew Brackman beat the midnight deadline and signed a major
league contract with the Yankees.Brackman's deal is 4-years worth a guaranteed
$4.5 million which includes a $3.3 million signing bonus.
The contract could be worth $13.8 million if certain clauses and options are met, one being giving up basketball.

...“I feel like the weight of the world is off my shoulders — for today,”
Brackman told the North Carolina State Web site, “Tomorrow, I have to get my things packed up and go to Tampa, and see what will happen from there."... Full Story

Apparently at one point during the negotiations, Brackman was considering returning to the Wolfpack for his senior year and returning to the basketball team... I wonder how much extra that earned him in the final contract with the Yankees?

...“This has been a very difficult process for Andrew,” said Avent, who got
confirmation that Brackman had signed while attending an afternoon football
practice. “We have been talking for the last five or six days and negotiations
were going very well. At one point, they took a turn and Andrew was actually
thinking about coming back to school. I talked to [basketball coach Sidney] Lowe
about him playing basketball again. It was getting quite interesting for NC
State... Full Story


Ken White said...

I'm really happy for him. As much as I would have loved to see him play hoops for 4 years, got to love a kid choosing NC State, then seeing dreams come true and a really big payday.

Jarrett said...

Did they need this kid that bad, that threatening to go back to basketball in the face of millions swayed them to up the ante?

Anonymous said...

Starting pitching is a premium in the Majors and a weakness of the Yankees. Depending on how bad the elbow is, I wouldn't expect him to help the Yankees for 2-3 years.

Ken White said...

For 2-3 years, or in 2-3 years?

Anonymous said...

He likely won't make it to the Majors in the next 2-3 years.