Monday, September 17, 2007

ACC undefeated against the Big Ten

Ok, so it’s only Duke’s win over Northwestern, but post-expansion ACC football has to have something to hang its hat on. Congratulations to the Blue Devils for finally ending their losing streak… now let’s see if they can win a conference game. Just in case you were wondering, here is the ACC’s record against other conferences.

Big East – 0-2
Big Ten – 1-0
Big Twelve – 1-2
Colonial - 2-0
C-USA - 2-2
Independents – 2-0
MAC – 1-0
Mtn West – 0-1
Ohio Valley – 1-0
SEC – 0-1
Sunbelt – 3-0
Southern – 2-0

By my count, the ACC is 2-5 verses the other BCS conferences.


Ken White said...

Not sure when the next matchup with Big10 is, but this is probably the right moment to reach for a bright spot.