Friday, September 7, 2007

Competing Facilities

ACC Nation has a neat article up talking about the arms race between acc schools who compete for recruits partially based on their arenas and practice facilities.

For us, it’s not just RBC Center. It made a big impact after we had it in place for a year or two - we started going to the tournament every year,” Fowler said.

“And then getting our on-campus facility where the men’s basketball is housed has really made a big difference - it seems to have had as much influence almost as the RBC Center, because it’s a great facility, and they can practice when they want to, and it’s been a big improvement to the program. And I think it’s shown a lot of improvement on recruiting the past four years we’ve had it,” Fowler said.

“It’s been really good for us - and of course the expectations are higher, too, since we have those facilities. Once you have facilities and the pay for coaches and assistants and all those things that you need to have a competitive program, then coaches are held accountable for what they do,” Fowler said.

The impact of the arms race - if we can go back to that terminology for a moment - has been felt in that respect at N.C. State, which has replaced basketball coach Herb Sendek and football coach Chuck Amato in the past year after both programs started to fall into a pattern of not meeting those hefty expectations that Fowler talked about earlier. Full Story...