Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Gun Crazy

Some stories about lives that make a wrong turn are just very sad. I started to recount some of them, and just don't even want to dig up some of that stuff. But this one is just weird. Former Maryland player Lonny Baxter is going to jail.

Baxter loses contract in Spain after getting 60-day sentence

Apparently on a couple of different times, he purchased guns, had them sent FedEx to DC, and had someone else file paperwork on them. The actual crime was shipping them without declaring it was guns he was shipping.

2 months for just shipping guns seems like a lot, when Vick may only get a year, but then again, you have to take any crime, small or large, seriously when it involves firearms.

Even more bizarrely, this line of the story is just bizarre.

In August 2006, Baxter was arrested by the Secret Service for firing off a Glock handgun in the air near the White House. The gun was one of the four from the July shipment.

Agents investigating that case later uncovered the gun delivery. Baxter pleaded guilty to gun charges and was sentenced to two months in prison in that case.

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