Saturday, September 15, 2007

MASN and Time-Warner

If you live in the RDU area you had probably never heard of MASN until recently. They are a cable sports network, and they are in a very public fight with Time-Warner. These things are happening more and more of late. We've talked a bit about Time-Warner and ESPNs deal over ESPNU at

ESPNU coming soon

Neat article from MVN on the somewhat different approach MASN is taking to get on cable:

Mom always said, “Don’t Play Ball with MASN”.

I have a few pet peeves. Long walks on the beach, candlelight dinners, children. One of the strongest ones is being cajoled into acting as a stooge for corporate interests. I know, call me crazy, but such things don’t really float my boat. Right now the Number 1 offender in this category is the Nats own TV station MASN.

You see where I live in North Carolina, Time Warner Cable doesn’t show MASN. This is nothing beyond your typical money fight between two large entities. MASN wants to charge X dollars to TWC AND be on the standard tier to maximize potential eyeballs and therefore potential ad dollars. TWC either wants MASN to ask for less money or be put onto a pay tier, to recoup the costs. Ideally, I’d be on MASN’s side because we are talking about two corporations trying to maximize profits. Neither side is particularly noble in that regard so I’d side with the group giving me what I want, namely baseball games. However MASN ruins that with their whole “Play Ball Now” campaign. More...


Anonymous said...

As soon as TWC caves, it will be just like ESPNU... anything that I want to see on MASN will suddenly disappear.