Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Too early to move on to Hoops?

I won't pretend to be a big college football fan. With the exception of the Rivers era at State, I haven't LOVED college football since Famous Amos and Kelvin Bryant were at Carolina. But it is easy to get caught up in the atmosphere and hope that springs eternal before the start of each season. Wolfpack fans have been cautious but excited about a new coach, new style, and his winning history. With the loss to Central Florida, and the news that Tony Baker is done for the season, half the Wolfpack Nation will start looking to basketball season very soon, or pin their hopes on a new quarterback.

VaTech, Miami, Maryland and Carolina did what they were expected to do. FSU's dreams of a national title are already dead. You'd have to say the big loser this weekend is Al Groh's future job prospects, with UVA being embarrassed at Wyoming.

I still don't know what to think of the GaTech game. Notre Dame obviously isn't Notre Dame anymore, but wow, that was a spanking.

The big excitement, not just in this area, but around the country for Saturday came at the hands of the Appalachian State Mountaineers. I was at a wedding in Charleston and didn't watch any football at all. Heading in to the reception my cell phone rings. One of my friends, a big App supporter is calling as he heads away from Michigan Stadium. I had actually forgot they were playing and that he had driven the 600 miles from NC to Ann Arbor. I ask him the obligitory "How was the game", already hearing in my head his answer that they were in it for a bit, gave a good effort, the atmosphere was great, but it turned into a blowout. I honestly didn't believe him when he said App won. National media loved the story, it was front page of ESPN for 12 hours, and is just a fantastic story for App.

Not sure who is going to want to play these guys in the future.


Anonymous said...

App AD Charlie Cobb told Dave Glenn that they joked about calling different football schools and telling them that App was looking for a game just to see what their reaction would be. They have future games scheduled with LSU, Florida and Va Tech... It will be intersting to see if those games stay on the schedule.

Anonymous said...

Given the results of the Duke - UConn game, I don't think the Devils ever moved from Hoops.

By the way, UConn is coached by Randy Edsall, brother of basketball referee Duke Edsall... You think Duke might have asked Randy to kick Duke's ass for him?

ken white said...

Really funny on the App thing. Brent went to the game and is still on cloud 9. Saw him last night for a football draft. He was wearing a Michigan shirt ;)