Monday, September 17, 2007

Why is BC 3-0 in the Conference?

No, I’m not questioning the ability of this year’s BC squad… They look like a threat to play in Jacksonville in December. What I am questioning is one of the ACC’s frontrunners starting the season with three straight conference games. There’s no question that TV has a lot to do with the Eagles’ opening schedule. They were the ABC regional game the first 2 weeks and this past week they were one of ESPN’s Saturday night games. Call me a traditionalist, but I prefer to see teams play a few non-conference games before starting their conference battles. More importantly, I would love to see the last weekend of conference play mean something.

If you were an ACC coach how would you prefer to start your season? A couple of divisional games that could determine if you will have a shot at the conference title, or a warm-up against any Southern Conference team not residing in Boone? Think about it, if BC had dropped their first 2 games, they would be playing the rest of the season to secure another bid to the bowl game on the blue carpet.

On the other hand, look at the Big Ten’s scheduling. Conference play does not start until this weekend. Michigan got off to as poor of a start as possible, but they still have a good shot at winning the Big Ten championship and playing in the Rose Bowl.

I know Clemson, Georgia Tech and Florida State all have their traditional end of season games against their in-state SEC rivals, but don't ACC fans deserve an late-season Bowden Bowl with a little more on the line than family bragging rights? How about a Georgia Tech-Miami match-up to determine the Coastal Division champion?