Monday, October 29, 2007

I could never pull for BC

I'm almost sure I said something like this when Boston College joined the ACC. Virginia Tech is close to home and always seemed like the poor step-child, so a mix of pity and excitement over football potential helped me accept them. I ALWAYS hated Miami just because they were so damn good, but that has softened quite a bit. Surprising fact, the only school I applied to out of high-school other than NC State was Miami. So I've kind of accepted them. But BC was a different story. They were SO BIG EAST, so far away, so "different", how could a hard-core ACC fan on tobacco road ever pull for BC?

I got my answer last thursday. In a year where the ACC can't really claim to have many teams worth bowl games to be honest, the chance to have someone seriously in the national championship discussion and at least a longshot at a heisman is enough to turn even me into a BC Fan. OK, not a fan, but I was sure pulling for them. And as every true sports fan believes, if I hadn't have pulled for them, no way that miracle comeback happens.


Anonymous said...

Heck... I had picked the Hokies to win and I was pulling for BC to pull it out in the end...

Those last 2 drives for BC made the statement that Ryan needed for his Heisman chances.

Ken White said...

I tivo Meet the Press, and watched it during lunch. Russert is a huge sports fan, typically talking about Buffalo crap but at the end of the show he holds up a Ryan jersey and mentions the heisman.

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