Friday, October 19, 2007

Pack the "Old Barn"

The buzz over Midnight Madness has passed and got all the TV time for several programs around the country. But NC State does have one thing these other schools don't, Reynold's Coliseum.

Billing the night as "B-Ballin' at the Old Barn", Sidney Lowe and Kay Yow unveil their basketball teams tonight.

Pack hosts open practices tonight


Anonymous said...

Let me guess where you're planning on being tonight. You should take Jeremy and tell him about the time we nearly froze to death waiting for Duke tickets.

Ken White said...

I may try to go. Haven't decided yet. Today is my Birthday and I can't think of any better place to be than Reynolds. I have to take J to his school tonight for something, but maybe we'll try it if this rare rain isn't a problem for the evening.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday... Let's see. I'm about 6 months younger than you, so I guess that makes you 25... again.

Ken White said...

I think a single number no longer works. My brain is about 25, my libido is 18, and my knees feel like they are 60.